Help The Reef

and Realize A Better Future for Our Ocean!

There are so many pressures on the ocean today... 

With the devastation of so much of our seabed, it is even more vital now to act urgently.

Until now, fortunately the project has been a resounding success and we are excited to continue this work. For the 2 sites that we have identified, we are looking at deploying 7000 Reef Stars over the next 2 years. In order to cover so much (sea) ground, we will need both physical and monetary help.


We used to fund the previous installations through a portion of our trips and some donations, but now, in order to lay that groundwork in time, we are looking for volunteers and donors to come in and help us make it work.

Take a look at how one of our corals have grown!

The reefs need you and here is how you can contribute!

For less than $1 a day, you can help bring new life to the ocean by donating to the cost of a reef star.


You can come to Bali and join our efforts! Upgrade your skills and help in contributing to the coral ecosystem by putting in your very own Reef Star for the corals to grow.

See what they said about us...

I dive with them because they do valuable work for the local bay and the coral in Bali. I'd keep coming back here because diving is fun and it's organized and today was an excellent day for diving and the best part of my day was teamwork. So you guys should come dive!



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