Dive in the Island of the Gods

Coral planting project in Padangbai


Beautiful Bali is a great place and we can’t bear to leave it worse than when we found it.


In line with that, we’ve embarked on multiple efforts to help preserve the underwater environment of Bali’s water.


Caring for the environment is a core value of Livingseas and as such we run regular conservation projects to preserve the marine environment.

How does it work?


For this Coral Planting Project, divers are given the opportunity to set up metal Reef Star structures on the seabed.


Broken corals lying on the seabed are rescued, transferred, and attached to Reef Stars to encourage coral growth.


This provides an elevated platform for efficient nutrient absorption of the broken corals from water movements during tide change.

Conservation Diving Packages


Always wanted to learn more about coral conservation and reef rehabilitation methods? Well here's your chance!


Livingseas has our own coral planting project located in two sites around Padangbai. Learn about why we've chosen this method of coral planting and how our progress has been over the years in afternoon presentations after the dives.


The success of the project is clear once you see it for yourself and you can contribute to build your own reef!

3 dives in Padangbai

Learn about Coral Conservation

Boat Rides and Free Nitrox

Accommodation at Padang Bai Beach Resort

Breakfast and Lunch

From USD $210

What can you expect?

Have you been diving and seen coral rubble sites, damaged coral, and degraded reefs? Have you always wondered about how you can contribute to do something good for the ocean?


This coral planting diving package is exactly what you've been looking for!


Livingseas has been actively doing coral conservation work for over a decade, and after participating in and contributing to a number of different projects around the region, we've started our own project site.


Using the best practices of coral reef rehabilitation, our project consists of 2 different sites in Mimpang and Baung Penyu.


Over the years, we've seen the corals grow so much we can barely see the Reef Stars below them!

Come and learn about what these best practices are and learn how coral reef ecology works.


See for yourself how much our sites have grown and the difference it's making to the surrounding reef.


You can contribute by learning to dive better, and getting your hands dirty by planting your own reef.


Each participant will have their own Reef Star where you can plant up to 18 different fragments of coral, and return again to see how much your reef has grown in a year!


There's no better way to be directly involved in reef conservation except by building your very own!

Good to know


Check out the plan to see what you'll get up to with your Divemasters.


Contact me to customize the plan to your needs.

From USD $210

What's not included?

· Dinner

· Personal expenses

· Gear rental


· Free cancellation up to 14 days before experience date

· No refunds within 2 days of trip date



Arrive at the dive shop, start gearing up and briefing

Dive 1

Setting up Reef Stars on the seabed in Padang Bai

Dive 2

Leisure dive at other sites in Padang Bai to retrieve broken corals to be planted

Dive 3

Setting broken corals (retrieved from Dive 2) on Reef Stars and Reef Gardening (cleaning up the reef from rubbish, broken branches, and brushing off sand on corals)


Enjoy a nice cooked lunch after your dives at a cosy beachside restaurant

Lecture on Reef Rehabilitation

Back to the hotel by 3pm, and after a quick shower, we have a presentation on our reef building methodology as well as our progress over the years

Rest and Dinner

After our informative presentation, get some rest or chill by the pool, and a nice dinner out on the town in the evening

Get to know the sites we dive


A nice relaxed dive site, this is a sandy slope with a lot of macro critters and nudibranches hidden in the rubble.


A small speedboat wreck as well as old metal structures dot the dive site, offering chances to see sharks, cuttlefish, and more!

Baung Penyu

This site is one of our coral planting sites which is placed on a sandy rubble slope.


Plenty of soft coral sway in the current while you swim along looking for macro critters in the sand, while schools of fusilier swim overhead.


One of our favourite sites, Mimpang offers steep walls on one side, and a sloping plateau on the other.


The walls are famous for sharks and Mola as well as schooling fishes and turtles. The sloping reef is covered with hundreds of meters of branching coral and millions of reef fish.


Our main coral conservation site is also located here, within the shadow of a large field of coral.


Easily one of the most exciting dive sites in Bali!


Tepekong is bordered on one side by a large steep wall going down to 60m and more.


Here you'll find resident sharks, swimthroughs, and a field of the best cabbage coral you've ever seen.


This site is also exposed to strong current, so the fish life here is amazing!

Blue Lagoon

A nice and easy dive site just minutes away from the beach, Blue Lagoon has some of the best macro diving in Bali.


Plenty of fishes swim around the wall to the North, and cool and colourful critters abound in the sandy slope next to it.

Bias Tugel

Boasting one of the best soft coral gardens in Bali, the shallows of Bias Tugel are covered with some of the largest and most colourful toadstool soft corals you'll ever see!


The sloping reef also consists of many large bommies, where tiny glass fish, and the occasional shark and turtle hang out.

Here's what others have said

After having recommended some of my friends to dive with you, it was time to check it by myself, and I'm glad I wasn't mistaken.


What to say. We had an absolute wonderful long weekend. The whole setup was just perfect. Agus and Damar are excellent dive buddies, and we really liked the way we conducted pre-dive checks, briefings, dives and afterdive beers.


They have been helpful without being intrusive, and kind enough to point improvement opportunities in our procedures as GUE divers. They managed something that I haven't seen in other GUE communities in the area: To be firm and clear without sound cocky or obnoxious.


It was great, and for sure Livingseas will be our place to go for quality diving operations.

Damar is great, very helpful. I felt that he knows what he’s doing and when I remarked some small things he was very happy to get some tips on how to do things. I really liked his attitude and felt safe diving with him.

Cannot say anything other than positive regarding Livingseas. I got help I needed and diving was great & safe. So happy to dive with GUE people. Always feels like home.